The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is the largest and most widely recognized professional association for facility management. With a membership of approximately 18,000 members strong, the association’s members are represented in 130 chapters and 18 councils in 67 countries.

Houston offers one of the best local chapters with an active membership of over 400 and monthly educational meetings that give you an opportunity to network with other industry professionals. Whether you join as a corporate member or an associate, a student or a retired member, or as a corporate sustaining member, the IFMA Houston Chapter is sure to offer you increased knowledge, friendship, and personal and professional growth.


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YES! There is a membership type that fits every kind of facility manager! We have included brief descriptions below of the different types, but if you have a question about which membership type fits you best, we are here to help! Reach out to our Membership Committee! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about IFMA Membership!

FM Professionals

Open to facility practitioners and educators whose primary responsibilities are to provide, oversee or teach one (or more) facility management core competencies: Communication, Facility Information Management and Technology Management, Finance and Business, Leadership and Strategy, Occupancy and Human Factors, Operations and Maintenance, Performance and Quality, Project Management, Real Estate, Risk Management and Sustainability.

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Associate Members

Open to individuals whose primary responsibilities include: business development; sales and/or marketing as a consultant; representation of a manufacturer, vendor, dealer or distributor; and/or provider of facility-related products and services.

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Young Professional Members

Open to individuals who are 35 years of age or younger. Young Professional membership may not exceed five years.

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Student Members

Open to candidates who are engaged in full-time study at an accredited college or university. At such time as the member is no longer engaged in full-time study, he or she will be reclassified to the appropriate membership category.

Verification of full-time student status and expected graduation date is required. To join as a Student member, please contact Wendy Martinez at [email protected]

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Retired Members

Open to members in good standing upon their permanent retirement from full-time facility management practice, business development, sales and/or marketing. Should a retired member return to full-time employment as either a practitioner, in business development, or a sales and/or marketing position, he or she will be reclassified to the appropriate membership category.

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Are there really benefits to joining the local chapter, if I am already a member of IFMA Global? YES! Membership with IFMA Houston can benefit not only YOU, but your organization. Read more below about the benefits of Chapter Membership depending on your Global Member Type. The Chapter is here to help you be the best in your field! Let us help you by becoming a member of our community!

Chapter Membership Benefits for FM Professionals:

  • Focus on local issues that impact your workplace.
  • Build long-lasting friendships with professional peers.
  • Benefit from on-site professional development programs.


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Chapter Membership Benefits for Associate Members:

  • Develop strong business partnerships with fellow members.
  • Contribute to the growth and success of your chapter.
  • Earn recognition through IFMA’s Associate Member Award of Excellence.


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Chapter Membership Benefits for Young Professional Members:

  • Benefit from support and advice from professional peers.
  • Get involved in career-building activities.
  • Earn recognition through IFMA’s Emerging Leader Award of Excellence.


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Chapter Membership Benefits for Students:

  • Begin learning about and contributing to the FM profession.
  • Start building your contact list.
  • Earn recognition through IFMA’s Student Chapter of the Year Award.


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Chapter Membership Benefits for Retired Members:

  • Stay connected to your professional community.
  • Mentor students, emerging leaders and CFM candidates.
  • Share your knowledge of FM and the association.


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Your membership with the Houston Chapter of IFMA has 2 parts. You would gain membership to IFMA Global and the local Chapter! The benefits of having a membership to both are truly endless, but people asked for us to put it in writing. So here it goes: 

In addition to all of the Global Membership Benefits listed, you will receive the following benefits as a member of the Houston Chapter of IFMA:

  • Full Access to the Members-Only area of the IFMA Houston website, including a local Member Directory

  • Discounts on local monthly meetings, socials, and building tours

  • Invitations to Members-Only events 

  • Discounts on Professional Development Courses hosted by the Houston Chapter

  • Receipt of the IFMA Houston monthly newsletter

  • Valuable networking opportunities with other industry professionals

In addition to the above Chapter Benefits...

IFMA Global Membership Benefits

When you join IFMA Houston, you will be a member of the global organization, as well as the local chapter. As a member of IFMA Global, you receive the following benefits:

  • Discounts on seminars, events, online courses and merchandise.

  • Access to IFMAnet, the members-only Internet site, enabling you to network with more than 18,000 members worldwide through the Global Online Membership Directory.

  • Access to JOBnet, IFMA’s online job referral.

  • Educational and networking opportunities through regional chapters and special interest councils.

  • Opportunities to be recognized through IFMA’s Awards of Excellence program.

  • Invitations to premiere facility management events such as IFMA’s World Workplace.

  • Opportunities to participate as an exhibitor, sponsor or speaker at IFMA events.

  • Bimonthly issues of Facility Management Journal, the single best source of information for facility professionals.

  • Monthly editions of IFMA News, brimming with information on what’s happening globally in the IFMA community.

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The big question everyone wants us to answer is "how much will the membership cost?" Well, if you absolutely know what Member Type you will be according to the above descriptions, we have listed how much the 12-month membership dues are. Your IFMA dues renew every 12-months and are paid directly to IFMA Global. If your organization has a large number of people interested in joining, please contact the IFMA Global Membership Department. They will be able to work with you regarding bulk billing.

If you still have questions regarding what Member Type you fall into, please don't hesitate to contact one of our IFMA Houston Membership Chairs. We would be happy to further discuss any of the above Chapter benefits or the membership options.


FM Professional

To Join the Houston Chapter of IFMA as an FM Professional, you will pay $219/annually (IFMA Global) + $125/annually (Houston Chapter)


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Associate Membership

To Join the Houston Chapter of IFMA as an Associate Member, you will pay $219/annually (IFMA Global) + $125/annually (Houston Chapter)


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Young Professional Membership

To Join the Houston Chapter of IFMA as a Young Professional Member, you will pay $139/annually (IFMA Global) + $125/annually (Houston Chapter)


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Student Membership

To Join the Houston Chapter of IFMA as a Student Member, you will pay $10/annually (IFMA Global) + $125/annually (Houston Chapter)


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Retired Membership

To Join the Houston Chapter of IFMA as a Retired Member, you will pay $100/annually (IFMA Global) + $125/annually (Houston Chapter)


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