Chapter Sponsorship Packages

The IFMA Houston Chapter Annual Sponsorship Program is an easy way to gain targeted exposure in a specialized market with a simple, annually based budget.  Our Chapter Sponsors are partners in reaching our primary goals: to provide a variety of opportunities to attract, retain and engage members, and to enhance the value that professionals provide to their employer. 

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2019/2020 Event Sponsorship Opportunities

2020 Golf Sponsorship Opportunities


authority, influence, strength, energy, ability, capacity, capability, mastery, potential, faculty, competence, vigor, intensity

You are a leader in the industry or practice of Facility Management and want your sponsorship presence to match that achievement. 

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radiance, gleam, glow, lighting, embellishment, insight, enlightenment, awareness, brightness, brilliance, guidance

You provide valuable services and insights to FM Professionals and want to help IFMA Houston achieve those same high standards.

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foundation, mainspring, mainstay, linchpin, bedrock, base, keystone, backbone, key, centerpiece, core, heart, center, crux

You bring energy and connection to the FM Profession and want to celebrate the value that FM Professionals bring to their organizations. 

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