IFMA Houston Chapter Professional Scholarships Available!

The Houston Chapter has committed scholarship funds for our members’ professional development. Applications will be accepted throughout the year. The funds may be used for any facility management related activities, such as CFM, FMP or SFP certification, any FM-specific classes or seminars, and IFMA World Work Place.

To be eligible, you must be

  1. An IFMA Houston Chapter member for at least 1 year,

  2. Working as an FM (unemployed FM’s accepted), and

  3. You must not be a full-time student.

Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come basis up to 100% of the event cost, using a weighted evaluation that includes need (50%), FM career commitment (20%), IFMA/Chapter commitment (20%) and FM contributions (10%). There is a limit of $750 per year or per event, and $1500 per person total.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to further your career! To apply, email Corinne Maddox at 281-497-5200 x24 or [email protected].