June's Daily Wellness Tips from HOK's Task Force

Posted by admin on 05/27/2020 11:07 am  /   COVID-19

June's Daily Wellness Tips from HOK's Task Force

Change Up Your Daily Walk

We are challenging you to get outside today! Hopefully, you are able to get out and take a walk at least a few times a week, if not daily. If you need to add some interest to your routine outings, here are some tips to change things up!


Find Accountability

Reach out to a friend or family member and tell them about a wellness goal, a hobby you want to spend time on, or other ambition and ask them to hold you accountable and check-in with you regularly. Maintaining an accountability buddy can help motivate you and you may even achieve your goals more quickly.


Teleconference Like a Pro

Do your best to avoid awkward tech moments on your video or phone meetings by doing things like testing your equipment and trying out different meeting software ahead of meetings. Check out more tips here:


Home Office Ergonomics

Humanscale has hosted multiple webinars during the "Work Home, Stay Safe" orders to help address ergonomics in your home office. If you missed these webinars. IFMA Houston's very own, Lily Pritchett has provided the below images to help:



Get Your Sunshine

With more people working from home and normal routines disrupted it is critical that we remember to take care of ourselves and getting an ample amount of light during the day is part of that. HOK’s Mara Baum wrote an article on the HUB covering why this is important and some tips to help keep your circadian rhythm in check.


Multi-task for Movement

Try walking around or heading outside for phone or video calls today if you are able to. It’ll help get those steps in and keep you from staying tied to your chair all day!


Rodeo Fun

Did you miss the rodeo season? Check out these fun ideas!

Rodeo Houston is doing live Ag Chats with a special guest every Wednesday at 11 am CST. You can catch them live and see previous episodes on their Facebook and YouTube pages. 

Here are some Rodeo games you can set up for your family at home.


Take a Walk

Take a walk around the block today and pay attention to things you may not have seen before.

Depending on where you live, you could also put a cute stuffed animal or nice note in your window for other people out on walks.

If you need help setting routine and work/home boundaries, try taking a walk in the morning and evening the same as you would be commuting to and from the office.


De-clutter Your Desk

Research shows that our brains are primed for order and since we’re all working from home these days, it might be a good idea to tidy up to stay more focused. This study indicates that clutter makes us more likely to procrastinate. (Tip from QuarantineRX)



The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in conjunction with Black Swan Yoga is hosting live yoga on Sunday. So get together virtually or gather whoever is around you and get moving!